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Product Description

SUPER SAP® 305 2:1 Epoxy System is identical in makeup as CPM but specialized for industrial use with a slightly quicker cure time.

305 is a versatile epoxy system designed specifically for the compression molding processes of composite parts.  305 system delivers a high bio-content, excellent fiber wetting qualities, and thixotropic characteristics to limit sag in high-temperature cure applications. A high modulus combined with excellent elongation properties enable durable yet lightweight composite parts.

Epoxy Resin kits are comprised of Super Sap 305 Epoxy and CPF (Fast) or CPS (Slow) Hardener.

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Best Uses

  • Skatrboards
  • Ski
  • Snowboards
  • Press Molding Composites
Product Details & Support
Resin FAQ

If you have any technical questions about your resin project call our helpline, staffed by Composite Material Engineers 310-882-2120. We also have some great tips and tricks on our blog swellcomposites.com/blogs/news. If you have questions about stock or shipping email or call us.

There is no such thing as NO VOCs! All epoxies, resins and polyesters emit VOCs. Read more about VOCs here.

Read about these two terms in relation to Entropy Resins.

Heat is your friend, that is the mantra for using resin. Read more about how to save crystallized resin here.

Although our room temp cure systems are designed not to need a post cure, all epoxies will benefit from the addition of heat as a post cure. Read more about why post cureing is important.

CCR resin states it’s Water clear. Water clear is a reference to opacity, not "colour". Meaning our resin is as transparent as water, however, it might have a slight red hue to it.

Colour has to deal with the resin imparting a color over the substrate. In the case of white surfboards, you don't want any color. In the case of woods, sometimes a bit of color helps. An example is ONE over wood where a lot of users think the wood looks richer with the color of ONE.

We use to ship 5-gallon jugs but have found that the 1-gallon jug to be far better. Read about why we chose 1-gallon jugs here.

CCR with CCF for pours 1” and under. CCR with CCS for pours 1” and over.

Please email or call and will set you up with a manufacturers account.

Please email or call and will set you up with a wholesale account.

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