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Our choice of ultimately selecting Entropy Resin was not taken lightly. We carried out our own due diligence and we soon recognized Entropy Resin to be truly a market leader in quality of product a leader in innovation. Most importantly to note, we found through our research that their resin was highest in bio-content and lowest in VOC’s, In addition, the company is committed to continually improving on all of these points as well as committing to finding ways to lowering their carbon footprint. Entropy Resin has proven to be truly the best in the industry; best in quality of product, least toxic and having the smallest carbon footprint. As a result, all of us at Swell Composites liked Entropy Resin so much, we have taken their slogan “make things better” to heart. Our goal is to help makers, that’s you, make things better. Better for you, better for your customers and better for the planet. #helpingmakersmake #makethingsbetter

Please see for yourself some other leading brands and manufacturers that have chosen Entropy Resin.



🇨🇦 Canadian Retailer & Distributor of environmentally friendly SuperSap Epoxy by Entropy Resins, Marko EPS Foam & Arctic Surfblanks. Proudly supporting Canadian DIYers & manufacturing since 2015. @swellcomposites • #swellcomposites

Swell Composites Supply Ltd. was launched to meet the demands of the Canadian Sea, Snow, Wood, Art, and general composites manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on being the only retail and commercial supplier in Canada with the goal of connecting local manufacturers and DIYers with sustainable composite materials that are healthier for makers and help lower our collective environmental impact. We do this by making sure we source the highest quality eco-conscious products like Entropy Resins and Marko Foam. We have over 50 years of warehousing and distribution across Canada and we strive to ship you quickly, safely and in Eco-Friendly packaging where possible. Our mantra is to support Canadian businesses with the goal of reducing our global carbon footprint.

In 2020 Swell Composites has started multiple donation campings to respond to the global pandemic and the environmental crisis we as a society face. We know that merely selling ethical products is not enough; you have to give back to help shape the world you want to live in. You can read more about our donation campings in our Swell Gives Back blog post.




For more information about the Benefits of Entropy Resins and the research behind entropy check out our resource centre, or check out Entropy Resins.com. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our latest products, market news, and tutorials. If you have questions about our products or your project, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.

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