Swell Composites Gives Back

Swell Composites Gives Back

Swell Composites is committed to creating a sustainable circular economy. That is why we source the most environmentally friendly products for the Canadian public. We know that merely selling ethical products is not enough; you have to give back to help shape the world you want to live in. That is why we are committed to donating $5 from every order to charity. 


$2 from every order will be donated to a COVID Charity to help fight this pandemic. You can read more about our COVID charity donations here.

$3 from every order will be donated to grassroots environmental organizations dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our planet.


The current charity is Plastic Oceans

The Plastic Oceans Initiative: To Eradicate Single-Use Plastic And Save The Ocean From Its Fast Approaching Demise

Read more about this Foundation here:


This blog post is being updated as we add charities 

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