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Marko Surfboard Blanks 
Highest density expanded polystyrene foam. 

The Marko surfboard blank is the choice for all sustainable surfboards. This blank is made out of Marko’s newest EPS formula that has the ability to be completely recycled. It is a stronger board due to the tight fusion between the beads, has a cleaner look and is easier to shape because the tightly fused beads do not fall apart.

It's not EPS, it's Marko Foam!  Making a difference in the water and in the shaping bay. Marko Foam produces the highest density Expanded Polystyrene foam.

Please see attached spec sheets for blank details.  

Product of the USA.

This product is an unfinished surfboard blank that requires shaping.

Blanks Shipping

🍁We Shipping Across Canada🍁 

Blanks are classified as dimensional cargo which means they take up more space than they weigh and require special handling. This can make transportation of these items costly. 

Due to freight charges, it's CHEAPER if you order 2 BOARDS at a time. We can fit 2 boards in the same box, which saves you money if you plan to shape 2 boards. 

For every set of 2 boards you order online; we will refund you the cost of the second Over Length Box Fee. If shipping ends up being less than what we charged you online, we will also refund you the difference.

If you have any further questions about stock or shipping email or call us.

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