Flexpad Shaping Blocks

Flexpad Shaping Blocks


Used to shaping foam and sanding resins & fiberglass

  • The (SB9) white hard shaping block works well for tough jobs requiring a firm flexing shaping block.
  • Can be used to block sand a hot coated board and for shaping foam.
  • Custom molded out of soft white Flexpad foam with a cloth top and a Velcro hook & loop attachment system on the bottom for use with block sandpaper or sanding screen found in our abrasives section.


Used in finish shaping and wetsanding

  • The SB12 is a custom molded soft yellow shaping-sanding block that uses a Velcro hook and loop system to attach our hook & loop 4 1/2" x 11" Indasa sandpaper or Mirka Abranet sanding screen found in the abrasive section.
  • It's a super flexible block that follows contours perfectly and won't distort after bending and rough use.  It’s built to last.  
  • This shaping-sanding block is molded, not glued together, and is the only one of it's kind made in North America.

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