Helpful Sanding Pad Info from Flexpad

Helpful Sanding Pad Info from Flexpad


How do I find out the spindle (hub) size on my (sanding) Machine?

Google the make and model of your machine or refer to the manual to find out that important information.

What is the best all-around sanding, pad?

Our best sellers are the Red Medium Cloth Flexpad both the 8 inch and 6 Inch Flexpad.

This foam density allows for multiple speeds.  Both are the best workhorse to start with.

What kind of sandpaper do I use with the Yellow SB9 or White SB12 Velcro shaping/sanding blocks?

Use our special 4 1/2" x 11" Indasa sandpaper or 4.5"x11" Mirka Block Sandscreen. They can be used on both blocks.

What is the best use for the Flexpad Wood Balsa Shaping Block?

The (SB11) is a versatile shaping tool built and designed specifically for the board shaping industry. The balsa wood design makes it lighter and easier to sand without overworking your hand, wrist, elbow and/or shoulder.

How important is it to follow the suggested RPM levels on the Flexpads?

Following the suggested RPM levels will increase the performance of the pad while decreasing the chance of premature wear and tear. We want your experience using Flexpad Sanding Products to be great!

My sandpaper is stuck on my Flexpad, how do I remove it?

The most efficient way to remove the sandpaper is to pull it off while the pad is still warm from sanding. The longer it sits the harder it can be to remove. Don't try to pull you paper off cold because it can stick and tear. You will also be applying unnecessary pull against the pad face especially when there is a large glue build up.

What kind of adhesive can be used to attach sandpaper to the cloth face of a Flexpad?

  • Fast Tack Sandpaper Adhesive

  • 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive

  • 3M Feathering Disc Adhesive Type 2

  • Camie 300 General Purpose Adhesive

  • Tacky Disc Adhesive (Caution: Because of the high build and stick properties of Tacky, long term use could shorten the life of your pad. You have to make sure you pull the paper off when the pad and the glue are warm. Failure to do this could damage the face of the pad, especially on the softer pads).

All written content in this post is credited to Flexplad

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