Futures Leash Plug Installation Kit

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The Futures Pre-Laminate Leash Plug installation kit is simple to setup and even easier to use.  The Kit is designed for use with either the Makita RTO701, RTO700C or compatible laminate trip router (not included with purchase of the kit).   The Futures Leash Plugs (Available separately in our online store) come in a variety of colours and feature a molded pin and reservoir bottom.  We've also made the Leash Plugs shallower, allowing installation into thinner tail boards.  

The Futures Pre-Laminate Leash Plug is the strongest and most dependable leash plug on the market and can be used for both Pre and Post lamination installs.  


  • Leash Plug Jig Plate
  • Leash Plug Target
  • Leash Plug One Pass Bit
  • Leash Plug Router Slide  
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