Eight Inch Blue Softie Flexpad

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Super Soft Shaping and Sanding Pad
use with Variable Speed Polishers and Sanders

Product Overview

  • The Blue Softie Flexpad is our softest density pad and is primarily used for shaping and sanding surfboards.
  • This pad will roll rails without hardly any ridges and sand out planer tear and shaping machine marks quickly.
  • You can also use this pad for finishing rails on hot coated boards to cut down on hand sanding but you must run it very slow.
  • Maximum RPM 750 and slower.

Best Uses

  • Shaping Foam Surfboards and Paddleboards
  • Sanding and Fairing of Boats and Watercraft
  • Roughing out Fiberglass Projects and Parts
  • Fine-Finishing and Sanding of Contoured Parts

        Product Details

        • ⅝” Hub fits most North American Polishers and Sanders
        • Available in Cloth
        • Available in 6 or 8 Inch Sizes
        • Works in conjunction with our Rhynalox Hook & Loop Sandpaper

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