Six Inch Yellow Soft Flexpad

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6 Inch Yellow Soft Flexpad the finish sanding pad for large cutting area and soft density

Product Overview

  • A 6” Soft sanding pad with a more effective sanding surface.  For use with Smaller 5” or 6” Orbital or DA Sanders, great for sanding in tight places.
  • This Soft Yellow Flexpad is used for the last steps in finish sanding and has a slightly larger cutting area on the bottom than the Yellow/White Soft Flexpad.
  • Pad Density is between the Blue Softie (Blue) and Yellow/White Soft (Yellow/White)
  • A super soft and versatile pad for blending and high grit sanding where minimal material removal is required.
  • Maximum RPM 1750

Best Uses

  • Finish Sanding and Wetsanding
  • Automotive and Marine Sanding
  • Pre-Polish Surface Preparation
  • Finish sanding with High-Grit Paper (220+)
  • Removing sanding swirls left behind from low-grit abrasives

Product Details

  • ⅝” Hub fits most North American Polishers and Sanders
  • Available in Cloth
  • Available in 6 or 8 Inch Sizes
  • Works in conjunction with our Rhynalox Hook & Loop Sandpaper 


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