Six Inch Red Medium Flexpad

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General Use Sanding Pad
use with Variable Speed Sanders and Polishers

Product Overview

  • A 6” Soft sanding pad with a more effective sanding surface.  For use with Smaller 5” or 6” Orbital or DA Sanders, great for sanding in tight places.
  • This is the most popular sanding pad that we sell. It's a great all-around pad.
  • The flex is between the soft (white/yellow) and the hard (orange) Flexpad.
  • Available with a cloth face for use with sandpaper adhesive (Super 77) and sticky back discs or Velcro hook face for use with hook & loop sandpaper discs.
  • Maximum RPM 2800.

Best Uses

  • Sanding Fiberglass and Resins
  • Automotive and Marine Sanding
  • Marine Refinishing
  • Woodwork & Fine Finishing
  • Concrete,  Countertop  & Metal Polishing
  • Leveling and Surface Preparation 

      Product Details

      • ⅝” Hub fits most North American Polishers and Sanders
      • Available in Cloth
      • Available in 6 or 8 Inch sizes
      • Works in conjunction with our Rhynalox Hook & Loop Sandpaper

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