Hot-Coating Surfboards

Hot-Coating Surfboards


Wooden surfboard laminating and hot coating using Entropy Resins’ Super Sap CLR epoxy resin over a Grain Surfboard


Hot-Coating Surfboards Laminations

Hot-coating is the application of a thin layer of epoxy over the lamination to provide a smooth surface final surface. Because surfboard hot coats are sanded to achieve their final finish they must be thick enough so as to not damage the underlying fiberglass in the lamination layer. As such, fill coating can be applied after a wet layup lamination to help fill the texture of the cloth and provide a smoother surface on which to hot coat. Fill coats are commonly applied when the lamination surface has gelled but is still tacky. This allows for the fill coat to better adhere to the lamination surface and hold in place.

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  1. Mask the rail of the surfboard with tape to prevent any drips. Tape should be removed before the epoxy fully cures.
  2. Note: If the previously applied epoxy has cured. Remove the blush and prep the surface for new epoxy.
  3. Tap the bristles of a chip or paint (~3” wide) brush against masking tape to remove any bristles that could fall into the coating.
  4. Mix a batch of epoxy and pour down the middle of the board. Use the brush to spread it evenly over the surface working out to the rails then working from tip to tail. Avoid overworking the epoxy with a brush to minimize the chance of entrapping air bubbles in the coating.
  5. Repeat the process alternating the direction in which you spread the epoxy with the brush (45 degrees to the stringer) to create an evenly coated surface.
  6. Give the epoxy time to self-level and cure to achieve a smooth, glossy finish.


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