9 x 11 Rhynalox White Line Sandpaper

9 x 11 Rhynalox White Line Sandpaper

Industry-best abrasive system

Product Overview

    Indasa Rhynalox sandpapers offer extra flexibility for sanding shaped, edged and contoured surfaces and offers superior performance on softer materials leaving a high quality finish.

    Available in 36D, 40D, 60D, 80D, 100D, 120D, 150B, 180B, 220B, 320B and 400B Grit

      Rhynalox White Line (36 grit to 120 grit) 
      Rhynalox Plus Line (150 grit to 400 grit)

      • White Line is excellent for stripping, material removal and refinishing surfaces.  
      • Low-Grit papers cut through PU or EPS Foam with ease.
      • Plus Line is Excellent for Dry Sanding and Finish Sanding of Resins, Primers, Top and Clear Coast, Composites, Wooden Surfaces and Wood Coatings.
      • Lubricated grits (Plus Line 150 Grit+) can be used for Wetsand finishing

        Product Details

        • Extra flexibility for sanding shapes, edges and contoured surfaces
        • Anti clogging lubricant layer (Grits 150 to 400)
        • High performance on softer materials
        • Provides a high quality finish
        • D / C / B weight latex paper
        • White Aluminum Oxide abrasive
        • Industry Standard 9" x 11" sheets
        • 5 sheets per 5 pack and 50 sheets per sleeve

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