Futures Thruster Fin Box System (3 Fin Setup)

Futures Thruster Fin Box System

Futures Thruster Fin Box System (3 Fin Setup)
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The Futures Thruster Fin Box System is ideal for performance surfboards and has been the most commonly used setup in the Surf Industry for the last 30 years.    Installation kits are recommended but not necessary for one-off builders.  The Futures Fin Box system can be installed in any Surfboard, Kiteboard, Wakeboard or SUP of either Wood or Foam construction.  
Thruster Fin-Box Systems for Futures Fins include the following;
2 x 3/4 Inch Tang Depth Fin Boxes
1 x 1/2 Inch Tang Depth Fin Box
3 x Stainless Steel Screws
1 x Hex Fin Key
    *Fins sold separately in Futures Thruster Fins (3 Fin Setup)

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