Futures 1-Pass Installation Kit

One Pass Installation Kit


The Futures 1-Pass Install Kit is used to install the Futures ILT Fin system prior to lamination.  This kit is compatible with the Makita RTO700 & RTO701c models. The 2 bits included in the kit are use to cut the trough and the flange separate.  It is typically used for pre-lamination fin installs.   The 1 Pass Kit requires users to change bits, or have two routers dedicated to installation.  

The Kit is designed for larger volume production in mind.  For smaller jobs, or post-lamination installs Futures recommends using the 2-Pass Installation Kit.  


- Jig Plate

- ILT Router Slides

- 3/4” One Pass Bit

- 1/2” One Pass Bit

- Timmy Tool

- EVA Shims (x4)

- Fin Mark target

- Dummy Fins

A-la-Carte, or individual replacement items, are available separately by emailing Sales@swellcomposites.com