Futures 1-Shot Installation Kit

One Shot Install Kit

The Futures 1-Shot Kit features an adjustable jig plate, allowing users to easily adapt their plunge router to the 8" or 10.75" Fin Boxes.  From the carbide bit, to the machined Aluminum jig plate, this kit is built to last.   1-Shot channel style fin boxes are compatible with most surf fin manufacturers.  

The Futures 1-Shot box is molded as one solid piece with a CNC'd fin channel, rather than the more common two piece design, eliminating any potential for failure.  The 1-Shot box is completely resistant to leaks and made using top of the line materials that have an incredible bond to both polyester and epoxy resins.   1-Shot Boxes are available in Black and White and 8" or 10.75" Lengths.  (sold separately)



- 1-shot Jig Plate

- 1-shot Target

- 1-shot router Bit

- 1-shot dowel

- 1-shot spacer

- 1-shot dummy fin

EVA Shims (x4)


Not Included:

Ryobi Plunge router or compatible router