Futures 2-Pass Installation Kit

Futures Two Pass Installation Kit

The Futures 2-Pass Kit should be used when installing Futures Fin Boxes after lamination.  Due to the high strength of cured resin, a carbide-reinforced bit (Included) is needed for precision cutting.  The Installation Kit includes everything except for the Laminate Trim Router.  The Kit is compatible with the Makita RTO701 & RTO700 models. 



- Router Slide With Faceplate installed

- Jig Plate Router Guide

- 1/2" insert for Jig Collar

- Jig Plate

- 1/4” One Pass Bit

- Timmy Tool

- EVA Shims (x4)

- Fin Mark target

- Dummy Fins


 Not Included: Makita or Ryobi compatible Laminate Trim Router