8” Rhynostick Self-Adhesive Discs

8” Rhynostick Self-Adhesive Discs

Industry-best abrasive system
With a peel & stick backing

Product Overview

  • Available in 36D, 40D, 60D, 80D, 100D, 120D, 150C, 180C, 220C, 320C, 400C and 600C Grits
  • RHYNOSTICK PSA ( sticky back ) discs are for dry sanding.
  • No sandpaper adhesive to deal with, just peel and stick.
  • High cutting power.
  • Anti-clogging lubricant layer ( 150 to 400 grit ).
  • Can be used on 8” cloth faced Flexpads.
  • Great for sanding fiberglass fillers, composite materials, wood surfaces, epoxy resins,  fiberglass, drywall and more.

    Product Details

    • Sold in Packs of 5 and Sleeves of 50
    • 8” Diameter
    • Product of Portugal

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