8 Inch Yellow/White Soft Flexpad

8 Inch Yellow/White Soft Flexpad

Specialty sanding pad for fine finish Sanding
Using a variable speed sander or polisher

Product Overview

  • The yellow/white foam configuration is a special pad developed for finish sanding where the outside edge needs to be firmer in order to better blend fiberglass and composites
  • Dual density white/yellow foam offers a flex capacity that will direct the cutting edge more towards the outside edge of the pad when sanding.
  • Density is between the soft (yellow) pad and the medium (red pad)
  • Maximum RPM 1750, ideal working speed is lower.

Best Uses

  • Finish Sanding
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Polishing and Refinishing Watercraft
  • Blending and Polishing Gelcoat and Hot Coats
  • Sanding and blending corners and edges
  • Polishing long gradual contours

      Product Details

      • ⅝” Hub fits most North American Polishers and Sanders
      • Available in Cloth or Velcro (Hook & Loop) Face
      • Available in 6 or 8 Inch sizes
      • Works in conjunction with our Rhynalox Hook & Loop Sandpaper

      For quantities other than our specific sizes, or wholesale orders please contact Swell Composites sales@swellcomposites.com or 1-877-611-0600


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