Hexcel 30" Wide 4oz E-Glass

Hexcel 30" Wide 4oz E-Glass Fiberglass

30" Wide E-Glass Fiberglass cloth.  Sold per Linear Yard.  165 Yards Per Full Roll.

30" Wide E-Cloth is a cost effective clear laminating solution with brilliant clear results.  Best applied over clear or light colored substrates.  Compatible with both Polyester and Epoxy Resins, E-cloth is primarily used in Surfboard construction, Marine Applications and General Lamination.   

Typically used in Surfboard, Kayak, Canoe or Paddleboard laminations or in general manufacturing where a strong clear laminate no wider than 30" is required.  Fiberglass fabrics are compatible with both Polyester and Epoxy Resins.


Product of USA


Recommended industry standard layup for a lightweight surfboard is 2 layers of 4oz on the deck and 1 layer of 4oz on the base with patches for extra reinforcement near the tail and fins.  

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