FAQ - Shipping Surf & SUP Blanks across Canada

 Below you'll find some useful  information regarding the shipping of surfboard and paddleboard blanks in Canada.  Blanks are   classified as dimensional cargo which means it takes up more space than it weighs and requires special handling.  This makes transportation of these items costly.  To help local builders keep their landed material costs lower we do offer free pick-ups at the Swell Warehouse  in Richmond, BC.  For customers that require shipping we have compiled this information to help you figure out the most cost effective way to do so.

The first thing you should know is that it costs the same to ship 2 surfblanks as it does to ship only 1, regardless of the final destination in Canada.   Keep that in mind when you're making a materials list or if you have a second upcoming project in mind.   Because blanks are over-dimensional cargo you can often ship up to 4 for the same price as 1.  

Boxes of blanks can be shipped to a Trucking Depot or Carrier Terminal in most cities in Canada as stand-by cargo at a reduced delivery rate.  This  is much more cost effective than the residential to-door package delivery rates generated by our shopping cart freight calculator.   We have top-load agreements with select Cross-Canada carriers however this is currently only offered for full-box shipments.     

The shipping box sizes listed below will help you to source local delivery rates with your own local trucking company  or to arrange pick-up with your own vehicle.  This information is based upon  standard packaging that we use for shipping   blanks all across Canada.

  If you would like us to provide you with a shipping rate please email us with your full delivery address, phone number and forthcoming shipment details at Email

Please note Packaging Fees apply to all shipments that require shipping and vary depending on the quantity and size of your boxed shipment.