General FAQ

Yes, we encourage pickups. Every time we can reduce our shipping/packing materials and reduce our carbon footprint, it is a step forward for all of us. Please understand that we are often knee deep in activities here, so to ensure an efficient pickup please book an appointment. This is usually the best way and gives us the opportunity to have a chat and give the customer service you deserve.

If your shipping address is in BC, you will automatically be given the option of Pickup. If your shipping address is outside of BC but it happens that you will be in our area at the time of your order fulfillment, please contact us after your order is placed so we know not to ship your order and we can arrange a pickup. (out of province call 1-877-611-0600)

To arrange a pickup time Monday - Friday between 7 am and 4 pm, PST. please email or call us.

We try to ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving them. You will receive an email from (sales [at] halftimeholdings.com) and (orders [at] swellcompsites.com) with your tracking info once an order has been shipped. On average you can expect your order 5 business days after you recived your tracking number.

Swell Composites operates out of a shared warehousing co-operative owned and operated by Halftime Holdings Ltd. Halftime Holdings is our shipping partner and they process all of our shipments. When you place an order you will receive an email from (sales [at] halftimeholdings.com) and (orders [at] swellcomposites.com) with your tracking info once an order has been shipped.

We look to source all our packing materials locally and we use recycled boxes as well as re-use all previous packaging when possible. When necessary we will use biodegradable packing “peanuts”. These are made of cornstarch and dissolve in water. Please don’t eat them they don’t taste very good, we know!

We offer all local manufacturers a very competitive “Manufacturers Rate” on all our products. We like to support our local and Canadian manufacturers with rates that help them be competitive. We strive to buy local and support local suppliers. If we don’t have it we will refer you to someone that does.

Yes please email or call for more details.

Resin FAQ

If you have any technical questions about your resin project call our helpline staffed by Composite Material Engineers 310-882-2120. We also have some great tips and tricks on our blog swellcomposites.com/blogs/news. If you have questions about stock or shipping email or call us.

There is no such thing as NO VOCs! All epoxies, resins and polyesters emit VOCs. Read more about VOCs here.

Read about these two terms in relation to Entropy Resins.

Heat is your friend, that is the mantra for using resin. Read more about how to save crystallized resin here.

Although our room temp cure systems are designed not to need a post cure, all epoxies will benefit from the addition of heat as a post cure. Read more about why post cureing is important.

CCR resin states it’s Water clear. Water clear is a reference to opacity, not "colour". Meaning our resin is as transparent as water, however, it might have a slight red hue to it.

Colour has to deal with the resin imparting a color over the substrate. In the case of white surfboards, you don't want any color. In the case of woods, sometimes a bit of color helps. An example is ONE over wood where a lot of users think the wood looks richer with the color of ONE.

We use to ship 5-gallon jugs but have found that the 1-gallon jug to be far better. Read about why we chose 1-gallon jugs here.

CCR with CCF for pours 1” and under. CCR with CCS for pours 1” and over.

Please email or call and will set you up with a manufacturers account.

Please email or call and will set you up with a wholesale account.

Read about our Return Policy here.

Blank Shipping FAQ

Blanks are classified as dimensional cargo which means they take up more space than they weigh and require special handling. This makes transportation of these items costly. To help you, the local builder keep your landed material costs lower, we do offer free pick-ups at the Swell Warehouse in Richmond, BC. For customers that require shipping, we have compiled this information to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to do so.

The first thing you should know is that it costs the same to ship 2 surf blanks as it does to ship only 1, regardless of the final destination in Canada. Keep that in mind when you're making a materials list or if you have a second upcoming project in mind. Being over-dimensional cargo, blanks can often ship up to 4 for the same price as 1.

Boxes of blanks can be shipped to a Trucking Depot or Carrier Terminal in most cities in Canada as stand-by cargo at a reduced delivery rate. This is much more cost effective than the residential to-door package delivery rates generated by our shopping cart freight calculator. We have top-load agreements with select Cross-Canada carriers however this is currently only offered for full-box shipments.

If you have questions about stock or shipping email or call us.

General Products FAQ

Check out our blog post about Sanding Pad Helpful Tips and Tricks

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