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Resin Heat Mat

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Resin Heat Mat with Thermostat (18"x18")
Keep Epoxy systems at an ideal working temperature.

The Kane Heat Mat is an 18” x 18” heat pad that was originally designed for agricultural applications but has since found a niche in composite manufacturing facilities across Canada.  This is a low-cost alternative to maintaining a higher ambient temperature in your shop during winter months.  This ultra low-wattage heater comes with a controllable thermostat to find the perfect working temperature for your Epoxy Resin application.   With this handy shop tool, you’ll never again have to pre-heat your resin to lower viscosity or to improve wetting-out of reinforcement fabrics.      

A must have for Fiberglass shops and Epoxy artists in winter months, the Kane Heat Mat can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a metal storage cabinet to keep up to 15 Gallons of resin warm and ready for use at any time.

Product application: 
Used the Heat Mat to keep Epoxy systems stored at a 
manufacturer's specifications ideal working temperature. 

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